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(1) Marlenheim - France
(2) Kungsbacka - Sweden
(3) Gernika - Spain
(4) Włocławek - Poland
(5) Teterow - Germany
(6) Marlenheim - France

Teterow - Germany

26. March 1. April 2017

Planning project meeting


Arrival of students and teachers. We will meet everyone at the Teterow train station (Poland at school) with the host families.

Teachers check in their motel close to the school.


08:00 Meeting in the auditorium. Welcome by the headmaster and briefing of the day

         Students: "Getting to know each other" activities with the school social worker.

         Teachers: 1st coordinators' meeting

10:00 Townhall Teterow – reception at the mayor (Students and teachers)

11:00 Tour around the town

12:30 Lunch at the school canteen

13:30 Some sport activities and games at the gym (PLEASE bring along PE clothes and shoes!)

14:45 Tour around the school in groups

15:15 Short meeting of the whole group – explaining and talking about the schedule and tasks of the week

18:30 Teachers: „Official“ dinner at the restaurant „Gutshaus Alt Sührkow“



07:30 Excursion to Berlin, visit of the National Parliament, talks with our member of parliament, Lunch at the  Parliament,

Afternoon: visit of important sights (Holocoust memorial, Brandenburg gate, „Potsdamer Platz“ …

Time for you to explore some favourite places

18:30 Departure


08:00 Preparation of the visit of 3 typical and important companies in our region (agriculture,          biotechnology), preparing interviews and the filming at the companies

10:00 Visit of the companies in 3 different groups

12:30 Lunch at the companies

14:00 Presenting of the projectwork:

- Video „Advertisement of your local company“ (task agreed on in Wloclawek)

- Presentation of the results of „Global player (MacDonalds, IKEA, H&M …)

15:00 Workshop „Cutting and post production of the films of the company visits“ (from this morning)

16:00 Students return home

18:30 Teachers: Barbecue at a Viking Ting house (just for our Swedish friends :)



08:15 Departure to Güstrow by train

09:00 Visit of the NUP (examples of local wildlife)  (

12:00 Lunch at the NUP

Afternoon: Workshop „Comparison and evaluation of the task „Global player (MacDonalds, IKEA, H&M …), finishing the common final product (Interview, PPT)

16:00 Students return home

19:00 Teachers: Dinner


08:00 2nd Coordinators' meeting

         Students' workshop (surprise)

12:00 Lunch at school canteen

         Free afternoon (?)

19:00 International evening for students, parents, teachers and guests together with an event about local education organized by the administration of the town and the mayor (local business men and women, politicians …)


Departure according to your plans