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"All different but all the same: being a Newropean citizen!"
Erasmus+ project to take place on 2 years (01/09/15-01/09/17). 6 partners involved.

Partnership between the French local body, Conseil Départemental du Bas-Rhin and secondary schools located in Germany (Teterow), Poland (Włocławek), Spain (Gernika-Lumo), Sweden (Kungsbacka) and France (Marlenheim).

The main objective is to get teenagers (aged 13-15) to realise we all share European citizenship ideas and to improve community interaction and mutual understanding through new technologies!
This project will thus bring together students from accross Europe to share and exchange experiences, opinions and values on topics being at the heart of their concerns.

Students will act and work together on common European issues at a local and European level. It will help to increase their sense of belonging to the same community, involve them in intercultural dialogue in the long run and contribute to the development of their European identity.

Mobilities will enable students to meet and work in international mixed groups to create their own TV programme. They will thereby experience multiculturalism and become more tolerant citizens, able to fight against xenophobia and bullying among others. These students, 5 per country, will act as ambassadors and will be the spokespeople for their school abroad and will also expound on their participation in the project when back to their school.

Some desired impacts: to stimulate a larger awareness and understanding among young people about similarities and differences in Europe, to make them consider new possibilities for the future, to enhance their empathy in a Europe that struggles with racism, inequality and in some parts poverty.

This publication has been produced with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of its author and can in no way be taken to reflect the view of the commission.