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Two years have gone by... Unbelievable! Time flies. We all remember our first meeting in Marlenheim and now we have just come back from our last visit in Kungsbacka (thank you again, Ellen and Kristoffer!). It has been a time of new projects, new friendships, new ideas and new opportunities. So many students had the chance to travel and meet peers from several European countries. We know from them that they had the time of their lives. But not only the students benefited from this project, we all learned so many things. Working on the final report in Kungsbacka was the final eye opener to how much we achieved. The best thing is, it will go on. Our chosen topics will have a lasting impact on our schools and will be continued...

We thank you for your friendship, your kindness, your generousity and your patience, of course. Please remember, you always meet twice in life - this is the beginning, not the end!

2017-07-18 Lothar Rösler, Timm Lehmkuhl and the German Team

May 2017

After having finished the work we agreed on in Teterow we are excited about seeing everyone again in Marlenheim. Our last project meeting is hosted by the French local body, Conseil Départemental du Bas-Rhin and by our friends from the Collège Gregoire de Tours. It takes place from Sunday, 14th May until Saturday, 20th May.

It will be a rewarding experience for everyone to visit the European institutions in Strasbourg.

2017-05-10 The German Team

March 2017

We are all in the final stages of preparing the next meeting in Teterow/Germany (March 26 - April 1).

The different countries have to do some homework that we agreed on in Włocławek. It will be fun to evaluate and compare the different results. There will be lots of workshops and interesting excursions to Berlin and to the surroundings of Teterow.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Teterow.

2017-03-23 The German Team

Dear friends, before the Christmas break starts we would like to wish you a peaceful Christmas and a good start in 2017.

We are looking forward to the next couple of months. There are some highlights connected to our project especially the meetings in Germany and France. We hope you are successful and have some fun in preparing the next steps. The terrible events in Berlin and other places make our work even more important.
It is the time to work and stay together, this is the main idea of our project.
Although the world seems to be mad we should try to celebrate Christmas as a season of peace and hope.

2016-12-21 L. Rösler, T. Lehmkuhl, S. Heinzel (Graphic), Germany

December 2016/March 2017

Between the meetings

It was so good to see you again after the summer break. The meeting in Włocławek (13. – 19. November) was a big success in terms of results. But we also agreed on the schedule and tasks leading to the next meeting in Germany (26. March – 1. April 2017).

The students will be working on advertising in different forms. It will be interesting to see and compare the products. We hope you enjoy dealing with this new topic. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Teterow.

2016-12-12 L. Rösler, T. Lehmkuhl, Germany

September/October 2016

After having finished the first year of our project successfully we are ready to tackle the assignments for the second year. All the schools are  preparing their tasks for the meeting in Poland in November.

The students are busy writing and filming their profiles, finishing the survey about bullying and violence and designing the topic "Why I'm special".

We are looking forward to meeting all our friends and colleagues again in Włocławek in November, 13 – 19.

2016-09-30 L. Rösler, Germany